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Soccer Experience is a multi service football provider and we started helping people through football 20 years ago when our founder an ex professional footballer who played in 3 continents and after finishing playing in the USA then started coaching elite youth & college players. Through a lifetime in soccer and travel he has now gained insider knowledge of all things football and has been very lucky to accumulate over the years many international friends & contacts in football. These connections have enabled us to bring, exclusive football events, projects & experiences to many players, teams & clients & we are proud to say we have helped many through soccer over the years. 

We specialise in taking all levels of teams on international training, playing & cultural trips (including Youth, USA men's & women's University, we believe we provide such a good service as we have been asked by Professional 1st teams & academy teams. We have really enjoyed helping young players earn soccer scholarships in the USA and also placed played players with professional teams. Soccer never stops as we have helped many Veteran players, teams with tournaments and experiences all over teh world.
Over the many years we have proudly prepared football events, projects & tournaments, camps, etc at our clients request all over the world.
Over the years we are proud that via our clients, friends and contacts we have provided many memory making football events.
We have been privileged to be involved in so many soccer projects, here are just a few examples from the last 20 years where we have provided a Soccer Experience for our clients.
Please contact us  if you need any references of our work or if we can help your team, players or company prepare their next Soccer Experience project in your region

These are just a few of the examples of Soccer Experiences we have provided over the years to our soccer clients.

If you would like to discuss any Soccer projects that we can help with please do not hesitate to contact us.

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