Soccer Experience has now been helping many people through our football services for many years.
We are very proud to have arranged so many different types of projects starting 20 years ago when providing soccer coaching & camps in the USA and now over the years we have provided:
1. Thousands of youth players international soccer trips.
2. USA College Men's & Women's players opportunities of international travel to gain access to professional facilities, games, training, educational and cultural experiences of a lifetime.
3. Taking international 16 - 20 year old players to the USA to see if they are good enough to earn a scholarship and to fact find if US College soccer is for them.
4. Various other projects including TV work, Company corporate responsibility in their communities events
5. We have so many contacts within all levels of football we are thrilled that we can help your group whether its
a youth, college, veteran or a top level professional team.
6. We have done so many different types of football projects over the years that we sadly cannot show examples of all our work. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any more examples of projects. 
Please contact us if we can help your team, company or a few from same team or you as an individual player